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We don’t roast coffee, we leave that to the passionate experts in their field.
Our passion is service and as baristas and we curate a coffee menu from the best roasties from around the country.
We offer a full espresso menu as well as a filter coffee options and seasonal cold coffees prepared as deliciously as we can.



In store we use single origin coffee which is Speciality Grade.
This means it is a single coffee from the top percentile of all the arabica coffee produced in that country. We do not use a blend of beans.
This is then roasted more lightly than standard Italian ‘bitter’ coffee by our roastery partners to produce a sweeter and more flavourful taste profile unique to that origin and bean.
Our baristas are trained in how to get the most out of each of the coffees we use and take steps to ensure the flavour remains optimal throughout the working day.
We ensure each espresso we produce remains at this high quality by using scales / timers / graphs and regular tastings.

We change our espresso coffee every 4 weeks to showcase the amazing flavour profiles that can be produced by different beans and from different origins.

This is what makes our coffee different to your average cup of coffee.

Here are some of the roasteries we have partenered with so far this year:

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At the heart of speciality coffee is sustainability and traceability.
The buyers that work with the roasteries we work with (and some roasteries directly) often visit farms to directly trade with the farmers often offering them better prices than auction rates allowing information, contacts and education to flow more freely. This can in turn help educate pickers to choose better cherries resulting in an improved end result.
All of our coffees provide information of each of the beans we use including the farm, country, altitude and botanical varietal allowing us as baristas to choose characteristics we think our customers would like that pair well with our menu offerings.

In store, all of our disposable coffee cups and lids and made from plant based materials that are easily compostable.
Our coffee grounds are collected weekly and made into biofuel.

Although we produce a high percentage of dairy free beverages including Soya, Oat, Almond and Coconut m*lks at no extra charge, we are conscious about all of our coffee products and that is why we have partenered with Mossgiel Farm who produce organic, non homogonised, old fashion full cream milk for our drinks.
If you would like to know more about their animal welfare, farming methods and organic certification click the button :)